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Brand story

In Germany, North Rhine Westphalia, there is a small city beautiful and quiet, she called Paderborn (Paderbom). 

In 1948, Robert was born in Paderborn in Germany the British military family, his father Mc Gill Allen is a British radio operator, Robert grew up by his father's influence, has added to the radio, radio transmitter products love.

In 1966, I met the university student Ralph, the founder of the German audio test system, DAAS. Because of their like-minded interest, after graduation they set up a Ralph audio R & D company. Depending on his father's relationship, it specializes in the supply of audio products such as the German government's Broadcasting rooms and video rooms. The German Telefunken company contract developed a large number of audio products.

Because Robert is focused on technology research and development, it does not create its own product brand. In today's society, there is only the best hotel name, without the name of his chef, and he ploughs silently. Until 2005, after his retirement, in a business chance, he was invited to participate in Robert, from afar China businessman Bob and David party, talk to the two friends China to day, also is like-minded, what Huan Yu, Robert promised his life experience to teach the two China friends from afar. In these ten years because of his help, Bob the Chinese company (Guangzhou city Panyu Liwei electroacoustic Co. Ltd.) technology has improved continuously, and create their own brand MA/ masterpiece Tiancheng, (MA, Gill and Mc to commemorate the Allen name, and Music Artsan 'music craftsman' abbreviation MA echoes of global sales). The outcome of the future MA is always associated with the German old man Robert of the British descendants.


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